Commercial Pest Control & Commercial Extermination Services

Commercial Pest Control For Montreal Local Businesses

At Local Extermination, we offer a wide range of pest control services for commercial and business units for the entire Montreal, Montreal South-Shore, Laval and the surrounding areas. Our technicians are trained to provide you with a high level of service and are fully licensed by the Quebec and Canadian authorities.

When you have an infestation at your business premise, it can affect your customers, employees, and bottom line. We understand that time is money, which is why we offer same-day service for emergency pest problems. We also offer regular inspections for non-emergency situations so you can stay ahead of any issues before they become a bigger problem. Our goal is to ensure that all pests are removed from your commercial space safely and efficiently while minimizing damage to your property or inventory.

We offer commercial pest control and extermination services for your commercial buildings, including warehouses, office spaces, storage facilities, renting units, residential buildings, large areas etc. Besides, we are offering significant discounts for multi-units and repetitive service orders. Contact us to get a customized quote.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control Industries We Serve

Commercial Warehouses

Our commercial pest control solutions can help you reduce any pest contamination making your warehouse space safer for your employees to be in and around the building.

Hotels & Motels

We have consistently had customers in hospitality who are able to reduce any pest contamination making their hosting spaces safer for their employees and guests.

Construction Sites

Our professional products can help you reduce any contamination at construction sites, ensuring your employees have a safe, clean space to work.

Industrial Premises

We will examine all the facts and once complete one of our commercial pest control surveyors will consult with you to create a protection program that best suits your industrial unit.

Education Facilities

From the large-scale universities to the local elementary schools, our technicians will provide pests control solutions that are safe and enjoyable environments for students.

Office Spaces

Local Extermination provides comprehensive commercial pest control solutions for both single site and multi-site office units, providing preventive pest solutions.

Farming and Agriculture

Contact us for preventative methods in agricultural pest control. We can offer services & solutions to protect your crops, land and livestock against common agricultural pests.


Pharmaceutical businesses require zero tolerance of pests – not only for compliance purposes, but for the protection of their processes, brands and reputation.

Food Processing

Pests such as insects, rodents and birds can contaminate food. Their presence in and around food establishments is unsanitary and can cause serious health damages.


The retail industry is broad and varied, but all retailers can fall prey to a pest infestation. Contact us to find how to keep pests out of your retail store.


When pests are reported, we have a robust pest management plan to deal with pests in governmental institutions. The pest services will be done in accordance with applicable regulations .

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurant pest control services from Local Extermination help prevent pests before they threaten your customers' experience or damage your brand.

Healthcare Facilities

Establishing an effective professional pest control program is an investment in the health of patients and staff as well as an investment in maintaining a sound public reputation.


Local Extermination offers specialized pest control for supermarkets, grocery stores and other food retail environments. Contact us to find how we can protect your business.

Keep Your Business


Why Choosing Our Commercial Pest Control Services

1. Professional Approach

Our experience working with property owners and managers have given us the knowledge to identify vulnerabilities in a building’s construction that allow pests to gain access. We apply this expertise to assess the risk and develop a tailored solution that provides optimal protection.

2. Discrete & Confidential Visits

 Local Extermination provides a discreet, prompt and effective pest control service. We place a high priority on the confidentiality and security of our clients and their property, and we respond to concerns as quickly as possible. We can schedule visits after the working hours, on  weekend or on holidays.

3. Industrial Grade Pest Service

The Local Extermination team uses industrial-grade products to guarantee your pest control treatment. Our exterminators know all applicable rules and regulations, as well as the documentation requirements for commercial pest control services, ensuring that your company is in compliance with applicable laws.

4. Long-term Partnership

Here at Local Extermination, we believe that the most important component of any successful operation is a long-term partnership between our company and our commercial clients. We offer only top quality pest control services that cater to your individual needs and come highly recommended by those in the business.

The best Pest Control Company on the market for you is: 

Of course Local Extermination! Contact us today for a customized pest control quote, avoid improperly done job by hiring proper commercial pest management. Pest issues should not bother you with our pest control management service we make sure to offer the best quality of service in Montreal and the Surrounding Areas.  Ants in sight ? Fined by a regulatory agency?

We respond to your request within an hour! Timely response time with honest and hardworking knowledgeable professionals. Our technicians are not only friendly and efficient but also offer free quotes at no-obligation with program that fits your needs with most professional services.

For complete commercial exterminator services, trust our Montreal pest control team to offer professional, customized pest prevention programs. Orkin Canada’s specialists are well-versed in mosquito control and odor control, ensuring a clean and comfortable environment for your commercial property.

 Request a free consultation today for fumigation and other services in Montreal, tailored to tackle common pests with effective solutions like bait stations. With our wide range of commercial pest control options, Local Extermination technicians are committed to providing peace of mind and securing your premises from any pest infestation.

Local Extermination provides professional pest control services for commercial and residential customers. We offer a variety of services, including pest control and inspection, rodent control, insects control, and more.