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General Pest Control Questions

We provide pest control and extermination services to landlords/agencies, tenants, home-owners and commercial building owners.

You can reach us 24 hours by submitting the online quotation form. If you want to reach us by phone please consult the working hours on the top bar of the website as they might change depending on holidays etc. Even if it’s out of working hours make sure you leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon possible.

To arrange a visit, please provide us with the type of pest you have and how long it has been plaguing your home, your postcode and city, mention in the comment area whether you have attempted to treat the problem yourself, where exactly in your property the infestation was spotted and how parking is arranged. Feel free to add pictures of infested spots or pictures of bites, preferably in a higher resolution so we can better identify them. Mention any other information that can help us faster identify and assess the job size.

Pest control services usually employ only one exterminator to a property, but if the infestation is particularly large or persistent, two exterminators may be sent.

That depends from case to case. Although the service is not based on an hourly rate, the time to reach your address, the type of pest and level of infestation can be also considered. The technician leaves once the job is complete. 

We cover most of the Greater Montreal area and Montreal South-Shore. As we continue to expand, please check the cities and boroughs where we can provide pest control services.

Yes, especially for commercial clients we offer regular pest management. We also offer seasonal services for residential clients, especially for pests like spiders, flies, mosquitoes, ants etc.

Yes, we provide rapid, emergency pest control treatments to our clients located in our Montreal service area. Our technicians respond to all calls and online quotes within hours, and they will arrive at your property prepared with everything they need to eliminate your case swiftly and efficiently. Due to large service requests during the hot season and limited amount of field exterminators we might not be available to all requests, thanks for understanding.

Yes. Generally the weekends are preferred by our commercial clients because it does not interfere with their working schedule. Because we have limited staff during the weekends please contact us in advance for such requests.

That is not unusual for our type of services. Depending on the pest problem and the area of habitation follow-up visits might be required. We offer excellent warranty terms for our service but for exterior pests it’s more difficult to prevent and predict future infestations. We encourage clients to reserve 2 or 3 visits in advance for some specific pests to prevent an escalation of the infestation.

Service Related Information

We use non-toxic insecticides to eliminate pests in your home. We can custom tailor solutions to fit your unique needs and schedule, ensuring that the treatment is safe for you and your family. Our technician will provide you instructions and all the safety measures for you to respect.

No, but you must let us know when you book your appointment if you won’t be present. If the treatment is at your home and it requires a technician to come inside, please make sure you arrange access to the premise. It is important that we have access to the area where the pest is infesting so that we can effectively treat your home.

When we apply insecticides, we do it at low concentrations. This means that the insecticides are strong enough to kill tiny insects, but are harmless for people and pets. However, for a couple of hours after the application, it would be best to keep any animals out of the treated premises until the insecticides settle and dry. If there is a fish tank in your property, please cover it during treatments.

No. If your pet has been infected with fleas, we recommend both fumigating your property and taking your pet to a reputable veterinarian.

Once you notice any signs of a pest infestation, such as obnoxious smells, strange or squeaking sounds from the walls, chewed items, feces, etc., you should hire a pest exterminator immediately.

Most of the time no. We provide a customized service for each client’s unique pest needs.

Even if you see a small increase in pest activity after the initial treatment, that means our solution is working. If you still notice pests after about seven days, we can offer intensive treatment at unbeatable rates.

After the treatment, you may see the corpses of dead insects on your window sills and floors. This is a sure sign that the treatment is working.

 We guarantee that your home will be protected and your pest issues controlled, regardless of whether you are the only person on the block with pest control.

Use our free quotation form to let us know about it and we will send a technician to treat your property.

Quotes and Pricing

We accept Visa or MasterCard, Interac, certified checks and cash. Bank transfers can also be available.

Normally you would pay after the service and you will be provided with an invoice. For corporate clients we also can take payments in advance to secure larger and repetitive jobs.

Absolutely. Unlike many other companies we are providing you a total estimate for your service even before you submit your booking. We believe that being transparent with our clients builds trust and confidence, this being the success of long-term cooperation.

We put in large efforts to be able to display the quotes for you before you book the service. But the total displayed on the website might be different sometimes from the total on your invoice. Depending on the complexity of the problem or any other unplanned factors that increase the time spent on the job it is expected that the price will be higher.

For single visits No. If you plan on getting several visits you can pay after each visit the total invoice price for the provided service on that specific visit.

We offer a welcome discount of $20 off for all new clients ordering a service of a total $300 or higher, before taxes. We also provide individual customized discounts for repetitive commercial clients.