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Are bugs or rodents getting you down? Thankfully, there’s a solution to your pest problems.  Local Extermination is the top Blainville exterminator known for our careful ability to attack every pest challenge, from rodents to insects. Contact our Blainville Extermination Company and let’s customize a pest management plan that delivers quick and painless results. 

At Local Extermination, protecting your health and well-being is our top priority. That’s why we offer environmentally friendly yet incredibly powerful pest control solutions that protect not just your loved ones and colleagues but the planet, too. We can’t forget about Mother Nature. Our Blainville exterminators operate with discretion and efficiency, ensuring your pest issues are resolved without fuss.

Count on our Blainville Extermination Company as your partner in securing a pest-free environment. We stand behind our promise and guarantee our customers complete satisfaction. Get in touch now and take the first step towards a pest-free peace of mind!

Looking for Blainville Exterminators?

No two pest control issues are exactly the same, which is why our extermination service customizes our approach to fit your specific situation. We offer extensive pest control services to tackle the array of pests that invade homes and businesses throughout Blainville and the area.

Our talented Blainville exterminators are well-equipped to address various infestations, from bothersome bugs to unwelcome rodents.

Insect and rodent infestations we treat:

  • Crawling bugs: Ants, bed bugs, moths, cockroaches, carpet beetles, silverfish, centipedes, crickets, Japanese beetles, spiders, and ticks.
  • Flying bugs: Flies, ladybugs, mosquitos, wasps, and hellow jackets.
  • Rodents: Mice and rats.

What we don’t treat: 

  • Due to government regulations, we do not deal with bird control, animal relocations, or sell pest products

Expert Residential and Commercial Blainville Pest Control With Local Extermination

The top priority of our pest control company is to provide top-of-the-line pest control for our residential and commercial customers.  We have perfected our effective process for pest control designed to handle your pest issues safely, effectively, and swiftly, promising lasting results and peace of mind. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Identify the ProblemOur Blainville exterminators will arrive at your space as soon as possible to thoroughly investigate your property. They will pinpoint the exact type and extent of the pest infestation. Whether it’s a wasp nest, carpenter ants, fleas, bedbugs, or any other annoying pests, we will identify the problem.
  2. Assess the SituationYour home or business on the North Shore will be evaluated and we will highlight factors contributing to the pest problem. You will be clear on the entire process before moving on to the next step.
  3. Customized TreatmentOur pest control company in Blainville will create a customized pest treatment focused on resolving your pest problems, and provide immediate services. A certified technician will arrive at your home or business where a specialist will explain the protocol to exterminate whatever type of pest issue you are dealing with.
  4. Tailored SolutionsDepending on what we discover, we will develop a personalized treatment plan that is safe effectively targets your specific pest problem, and offers the utmost respect to your home. We operate 7 days a week and all throughout Quebec, so no matter the time or day, our exterminateur will present you with a highly powerful and effective plan.
  5. Safe, Efficient, and Discreet ApplicationOur Blainville pest control professionals carry out industry-approved treatments, using the latest and greatest methods, and ecological products to address your pest concerns with as little disruption, and without hesitation in Laval and beyond.
  6. Continuous SupportWhen we’ve finished the treatment, it’s not over. Our attentive agents will continue to monitor your property and provide check-ins, to ensure the effectiveness of our treatments and to catch any signs of new activity before they become a problem again.

Say Goodbye for Good With our Ongoing Monitoring & Prevention

We provide expert advice and will give you tips to prevent mice and insects from coming back, focusing on the long-term protection and safety of your space.

Our trusted process allows us to battle any pest challenge with precision giving you a comfortable, pest-free living or working environment back. Count on Local Extermination to deliver the highest quality Blainville pest control and if you’re not happy, you can request a full refund.

Why Choose Our Blainville Exterminators?

When you partner with Local Extermination for your Blainville pest control needs, you get a professional service celebrated for its excellence, effectiveness, and total dedication to customer satisfaction. Here’s why we stand out as the most-chosen exterminators in Blainville:

  • Personalized Plans: Each pest problem is a new challenge to solve. We customize each treatment strategy to effectively tackle your specific pest challenges, ensuring the best results.
  • Comprehensive Inspections: Our fast service includes thorough inspections to precisely determine the pest problem’s nature and scope, ensuring a comprehensive solution. We will determine how the pest got inside, and how to ensure they never come back.
  • Local Pest Expertise: Our Blainville exterminators have extensive knowledge of the specific pest issues facing Montreal and all of Quebec. With our local expertise, we’re equipped to address any infestation thoroughly.
  • Environmental Commitment: We’re 100% committed to eco-friendly pest control solutions. Our practices are safe for your family, pets, and the environment, adhering to strict Environmental Health and Safety Standards.
  • Guaranteed Results: We are extremely confident in our pest control methods so we provide exceptional pest control warranties on our services. You can count on us for effective pest resolution with promised success.
  • Preventative Measures: Our Exterminator Blainville service extends beyond just extermination. We offer advice on preventative measures to ensure your property remains pest-free, guaranteeing long-term protection.
  • Monitoring: To maintain our treatment’s effectiveness and avoid future infestations, we conduct continuous monitoring of your property.

You will sleep easy knowing you are in the best hands with Local Extermination. Our expertise, environmentally friendly methods, and commitment to excellence provide an unmatched pest control experience in Blainville.

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Say goodbye to pests forever. Partnering with Local Extermination is your first step towards enjoying a tranquil, pest-free environment. Secure your free, no-obligation evaluation today with our talented team of Blainville exterminators, Blainville’s top choice for pest control in the region.

Booking with us is simple, and you get the benefit of our discreet, 24/7 services, and the reassurance of our highly professional expertise. Contact us today to let’s kick those unwelcome pests to the curb, once and for all!

How Our Blainville Extermination Service Works


A crucial part of each pest control service in Blainville is an inspection of the property. That way, the pest exterminator will be able to determine the type and severity of the infestation. Based on that, he will choose the most suitable treatment to resolve the pest problem.


Depending on the type of the pest, it might include spraying or fogging of affected areas, heat or steam treatment, or sealing of small entry points. No matter the case, the Blainville pest exterminator will choose the proper course of action and help you eliminate the intruders.

Follow Up

Some infestations require more than one visit, and with our guaranteed pest control service, additional visits can be organised upon your request. After a certain time, the specialist will return and re-examine the property. If there are still signs of infestation, he will proceed with further treatment.


Our Blainville pest specialist will share helpful advice and give you some tips on preventing further infestation. Following his recommendations will guarantee that your property won't be reinfested again and assure the best results from the pest control service.