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Ant Extermination: The Ant Control Specialist

Ant Extermination

Ant infestation is quite a horrible and annoying thing that a person can experience. To deal with this invasion, you will need effective ant extermination methods. Fortunately, Local Extermination is here to provide the best pest control services to help you get rid of ants permanently. 

Local Extermination is a professional pest control and extermination company based in Montreal. We specialize in providing residential and commercial extermination services to deal with a wide variety of pests. 

Here is everything you need to know about ant pest control in Montreal. 

What Type of Ants Can Be Found in Montreal?

In the province of Quebec alone, there are over hundred species of ants. However, in Montreal, there are 5 most invasive species of ants that are most commonly found here, and they include: 

  • Pavement ants
  • Pharaoh ants
  • Carpenter ants
  • Cornfield ants
  • Black field ants

Ants live in colonies within nests to which the queens determine their perennity. In fact, more than one nest and one queen can exist within one colony, but this is dependent on the size of the colony and the species. Therefore, how can you tell there might be an infestation of ants in your commercial or residential home? 

Well, here are four signs that can help you discover ant infestation:

4 Signs of Residential or Commercial Ant Infestation

1. Visibly spotting ants in and around your home

Without a doubt, this is the most obvious and easiest sign that ants might be nesting around or in your home. Spotting ants swarming your cabinets or a trail around your property might indicate something brewing. You don’t have to wait further until they start climbing all over your belonging to call ant extermination specialists. Remember, more often, when ants are in search of food, they tend to ants leave in small numbers. And when you release a small trail of ants, don’t ignore it; reach out for instructions on what to do before it’s too late.

2. Spotting Ant Nest

You don’t have to spot ants traversing your property to realize there is an ant’s invasion. Realizing their home popping up around your premises also is another clear sign that they are already here. So, if you happen to see small piles of dirt popping up all of a sudden along the pavements or in the grass, then you are set for an ant problem. Therefore, it will be advisable that you seek ant extermination specialists’ assistance to prevent the problem from escalating.

3. If You See Rotted Wood

Rotted wood or wet wood can easily be a home for a specific species of ants called the carpenter ant. And as noted earlier, this species of ant is found within Montreal. Therefore, you should watch out for them and avoid having a sudden ant infestation. These ants are among some of the dangerous species of ants as they can cause a huge amount of property damage if not quickly dealt with.

4. Rustling noises on your walls

Carpenter ants infestation on wooden walls is mostly noted when you start hearing rustling noises. When this species of ants are building a nest, they tend to produce rusting noises. Besides rustling noises, you can also knock around your walls. If you happen to hear some parts sounding hollow, then it might be ants or termite infestation. This step is ideal to do when you know your walls are made of solid wood.

What Damage Can Ants Cause to Your Home, Health or Pets?

Ants’ infestation poses several dangers to both your home and health and these dangers include:

  • Home or property damage: Just like termites, ants can also cause huge damage to your home. For example, carpenter ants are well known for causing serious damage to wood structures over time. Notably, they don’t eat wood like termites; instead, they create nests in hollow woods. This, therefore, allows moisture to accumulate within that part, causing the wood to rot.  
  • Causes health risks: Certain species of ants can cause serious health risks, which you should be worried about. When they feel threatened, ants use their mouth and mandibles to pinch/bite your skin. Ant bite is not actually dangerous even though it might be painful or cause discomfort. However, to some people, if they don’t clean or take care of the bite well might lead to severe skin irritation or infection. 

Additionally, some species of ants have stingers, for example, the fire Ant. This ant’s sting is painful and has venom that can also cause serious irritation and infection. Common symptoms of ant’s sting or bite include Pain, swelling, itchiness and redness.

  • Invites other insects or animals to your home: Ant’s infestation might cause some other dangerous insects to venture into your premises. For example, brown recluse and black widow spider, which are well known to feed on ants. Also, some insect-eating bats might as well come to your home. For example, Brazilian free-tailed bats (insect eaters) and Vampire bats (feed on blood).

Hire A Professional Ant Control Company Like Local Extermination

Now that you know the types of ants commonly found here and the dangers they pose, it’s time to find the best ant exterminators. 

For the best Montreal ant exterminators, we recommend our professional ant control services and here are the reasons why:

  • We offer friendly support and personalized solutions
  • Excellent pocket-friendly prices 
  • We give online quotes right on the website before submitting any forms
  • A five-star rating on Google reviews, thanks to our customer-oriented services, puts us above what other local exterminators can warranty.

How Much Does an Ant Extermination Cost in Montreal?

Price differs from one person to another as it is influenced by a variety of factors. For our ant control services thing that dictates the total price include factors such as:

  • The size of the area covered by ants
  • The nature of the problem (infestation)
  • Inspection and warranty fees 
  • The number of treatments administered 

And so, to fully know the price visit our site and get a free quote or simply call or email to know how much it might cost you. 

How To Prepare for Ant Pest Control Visit? 

Preparing your home for ant control service will require you to do the following:

  1. Run the dishwasher or wash dishes more regularly to limit food sources
  2. Clean up spills by wiping down your counters, sweeping floors or vacuuming  
  3. Empty your trash regularly.
  4. Place food in a refrigerator or store them in a pest-proof containers
  5. After your pet has finished eating, store that food; don’t leave it sitting out
  6. If you collect recyclables in your house, then ensure they are well cleaned and stored in an ant-proof container. 
  7. Now do a thorough check to be sure where ants actually reside so that you can explain to the ant extermination specialist.


Ant pest control is a job that is better done by a specialist since the treatments used are relatively expensive and dangerous when not handled carefully. Furthermore, working with a specialist helps you learn a thing or two about how to handle any insect infestation, not only ants. 

Otherwise, that’s all you need to know about ant extermination. If you have an ant infestation, be sure to call us on or fill in the online quotation form to get in touch with us.