Cricket Extermination


Cricket Extermination

Cricket Extermination

Crickets can invade your home and give you sleepless nights due to their constant chirping noises. While some people find their chirping sounds soothing, others are irritated with these noises, especially if you come home to have a good rest from a long day of work. And this is why you need to seek cricket extermination services immediately.

How can you get rid of cricket infestation from your home? Do you have an idea about cricket control? Well, you don’t have to know anything in particular regarding cricket infestation.

The good news is that; Local Extermination, a pest control company, is here in Montreal to help with your cricket infestation problems.

We are a professional pest control extermination company offering both residential and commercial cricket extermination services.

What Are Crickets and How to Identify Them?

Crickets are insects of around 2000 species known for their chirping sounds and leaping ability. They are sometimes compared to grasshoppers.

Crickets get comfortable outdoors during the warm seasons, scavenging for food in the garbage, open fields, and other places. On the other side, when the temperatures drop and become intolerable, these creatures will start hopping indoors to seek shelter for survival.

Crickets are fond of cotton, synthetics, wool, and silk. Therefore, when your home is infested with crickets, your carpets, clothing, and items made of fabric become vulnerable.

How do you identify them?

Here are some distinctive features that can help you identify these unique species:

  • Crickets measure about 3mm to 5mm in length.
  • Their hind legs are modified for leaping.
  • Crickets have large antennae.
  • They are modified to produce chirping sounds.
  • They have a light yellow color, while some may appear to be darker.

3 Signs of Indoor or Outdoor Cricket Infestation

1. Coming in contact with multiple crickets in your house

The most obvious sign of a cricket infestation is when you spot a couple of these insects roaming around freely in your house. You might also see them outdoors, hopping on your lawn, yard, flowerbeds, garage, or driveway.

You can use the tips shared above to identify crickets by observing their features like large hind legs and their long antennae.

Visibly seeing crickets is a clear sign of an infestation, and it is best to start making arrangements for a cricket extermination service.

2. Chirping noises

Crickets often make chirping sounds when they communicate with other family members. This is quite common during the night, and the noises could come from inside your house or distant noises either in your basement or outdoors. If you hear such noises, this is a clear indication that a cricket infestation is what’s going on.

Also, crickets make chirping noises to communicate with their mate partners when they want to produce eggs. So, it is important to take immediate action once you hear these noises to prevent their population from growing larger. Therefore, don’t take any chances; reach out to our experts for a cricket extermination process.

3. Damaged fabric and cricket dropping

Crickets are very dedicated scavengers, and they will chew through the fabric, wool, and cotton, especially if they have been in contact with moisture. Crickets are the most likely culprits if you notice holes and some dark stains in your clothes, curtains, bedding, and any other fabric item.

In addition, another sign of cricket infestation is the presence of cricket droppings around your home. These droppings appear to be small black grains/pellets, and you will likely find them in food sources or close to where the crickets are hiding.

Note: If you suspect any signs of cricket infestation, it is time to get the cricket pest exterminators involved. Don’t wait until the crickets increase in large numbers; instead, take immediate action. This way, the experts will be able to contain the infestation and stop further spreading.

What Attracts Crickets in The House?

Crickets are attracted to your house by the following items and factors:

  • They are attracted to fabrics such as wool, cotton, leather, and silk. (Especially if they have been exposed to moisture and some food substance)
  • Crickets are also attracted to pet foods.
  • They are fond of fruits and vegetables.
  • They also scavenge for food in plant matter or dead insects.
  • Bright lights can also attract these insects into your house.

Call A Cricket Pest Company Like Local Extermination

Once you notice a cricket infestation either in your home or commercial spaces, it is recommended that you call a cricket pest exterminator.

Here are reasons why you should reach out to Local Extermination for cricket extermination services:

  • We are the best Montreal Cricket Exterminators due to our advanced and scientific cricket extermination solutions.
  • We are based in Montreal and can reach you in any specific region around the area.
  • We offer both residential and commercial cricket extermination services.
  • Our prices are excellent.
  • We are given 5 stars on Google reviews.
  • Our customer service is active and quick to respond to your inquiries.
  • We offer our clients free online quotes right on the websites before submitting any forms.

How Much does it Cost a Cricket Extermination Service in Montreal?

Prices of cricket extermination services in Montreal vary depending on the following:

  • The size of the area to be treated for cricket infestation.
  • The nature of the infestation.
  • Types of treatments to be used in cricket extermination.
  • The number of treatments to be used in cricket control.
  • The inspection and warranty fees.

To find out about your custom prices depending on your location in Montreal, use the form below.

Before submitting any forms to us, a free quote from our website will be provided to you.

How to Prevent Crickets Infestations Indoor and Outdoor?

We have shared some of the tips on how to prevent cricket infestation indoors and outdoors. Take a look at them:

  • Dry the wet surfaces such as wattle puddles that may attract crickets in your house.
  • Avoid storing moist clothes in your closets.
  • Clear out the clutter in your home, such as unused boxes, dirty clothes, and so on. Clutter is the perfect place for crickets to hide.
  • Clean out your messy lawns and yards. Remove piles of cut grass, leaves, or wood chippings around your home. Most insects, including crickets, like to hide in tall grasses, weeds, and bushes. Therefore, learn to keep your compound neat.

Observing these simple steps is a good way but also a short-term solution to your cricket infestation problem. However, if you want a more reliable solution, it’s best to involve the experts in cricket control.


Crickets are insects that are known for their distinctive chirping sounds, which are produced by males in an attempt to attract females. While they are mostly harmless, large populations can become a nuisance, especially when they invade homes and gardens. Exterminating crickets may be necessary to prevent damage to fabric and paper goods, and to reduce the incessant noise that can disrupt sleep and daily activities. Moreover, addressing a cricket infestation promptly helps maintain hygiene and comfort in living spaces.

As said earlier, cricket infection can be so annoying, especially the noises they produce at night. Put an end to your troubled nights by hiring us Local Extermination.

We are Montreal Cricket Exterminators who will solve all your infestation problems. Get to fill in the online quotation form on our website to learn more about our cricket extermination services.

Our experienced cricket pest exterminators will get rid of crickets very quickly and leave you with a clean state home.