Mosquito Extermination


Mosquito Extermination with pest control

Mosquito Extermination

The mosquito is one of the oldest species of insects that have existed for many years now. A mosquito infestation can be very deadly if not attended to in the shortest time possible. Mosquitos are known for causing malaria, which has been a leading factor in deaths in some countries.

Getting rid of mosquitoes in your home is a challenging task in which most people fail to remove these insects successfully. For this reason, it is therefore important to notify a mosquito extermination company whenever you suspect an infestation in your home. 

Mosquito Extermination and Control Service for Montreal Area

We Local Extermination are a pest control company that provides mosquito control services in Montreal. We offer both residential and commercial mosquito extermination services.

If you are facing an infestation problem around Montreal, contact us, and we will work out the perfect solution for you.

What Are Mosquitoes and How to Identify Them?

Mosquitoes are small insects with two wings found in many homesteads. They are quite similar to flies, only that they have smaller bodies and produce an irritating sound at night. They are known for breeding eggs on water surfaces and can cause malaria.

How do you identify them?

Below are some common features that can help you identify a mosquito:

  • Their body size measure about 1/3” long.
  • Mosquitos have tiny heads but large eyes.
  • They have two wings.
  • They have slender legs.
  • They appear to be black or grey in color.
  • Mosquitos have sharp mouthparts for sucking blood.

4 Signs of Residential or Commercial Mosquito Infestation

How will you know that your home or workplace has been infested with mosquitoes? 

Let us see how you can spot a potential mosquito infestation, which means you need a mosquito extermination process.

Signs of a mosquito infestation include the following:

1. High pitched and teeny sound that keeps buzzing constantly

One of the unique features of mosquitoes is their ability to produce buzzing sounds that are very annoying, especially if you are trying to catch some sleep.

These buzzing sounds are high-pitched compared to other insects, and you can’t fail to hear them. Although you may not physically see them, their constant buzzing sound is a pretty good sign that there are mosquitos in your house.

2. You are constantly scratching yourself at night

Ever found yourself in those awkward situations where you are scratching yourself but can’t really spot what bit you? Well, there is a good chance that those bites are from a mosquito. Scratching yourself from a mosquito bite is really itchy and can be painful if you have an allergic reaction to mosquito bites.

3. You notice a mosquito biting you

In some cases, you might just spot a mosquito landing on your arm and trying to feast on your blood. Female mosquitoes are the ones who lay eggs in your blood once they bite you causing an illness. Noticing mosquitoes trying to bite you is a clear sign of a mosquito infestation, and you should contact a mosquito exterminator ASAP.

4. There is a stagnating puddle of water in your yard

Mosquitoes are fond of areas with water like puddles, ponds, or swimming pools. Female mosquitoes lay eggs on still waters for breeding purposes. If you have puddles of water or a pool on your property, there is a high chance that a mosquito infestation is on its way.

How Serious Damage Can Mosquitoes Cause to Your Health

A mosquito can spread some very serious diseases to humans by biting a victim. Some of the diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes include the following:

  • Malaria.
  • Yellow Fever.
  • West Nile.
  • Dengue.
  • Zika.

Don’t risk your health by allowing mosquitos to multiply in your home. Once you notice signs of infestation, contact a
mosquito extermination company to help you with mosquito control.

Professional Mosquito Control plan for your home

Mosquito extermination is a process best done by experts. If you try to get rid of mosquitos on your own, it won’t be as effective as when professionals do it.

We Local Extermination have the best Montreal Mosquito Exterminators, and our mosquito control services are exceptional. Here is why:

  • Based in Montreal, we are ready to come wherever you are in the Montreal region.
  • We have professional Mosquito exterminators who guarantee a 100% success rate.
  • Our company provides residential and commercial mosquito extermination.
  • Our services are at an excellent price.
  • We are a reliable pest control company with a 5-star rating on Google reviews.
  • Our clients get a free online quote before submitting any forms on our website.

How Much does it Cost a Mosquito Extermination Service in Montreal? Free quote available!

The common question that many people ask is: How much does a mosquito extermination service cost in Montreal?

Well, it is important to note that prices of mosquito extermination depend on several things, such as:

  • Inspection and warranty fees.
  • Nature of mosquito infestation.
  • Size of the area infested.
  • Type and number of treatments to be used.

Note: To find out about your custom price depending on your specific location in Montreal, use the form provided below. While you are at it, you will receive a free quote.

Treatment that prevents mosquito infestation?

These are some simple steps on how to prevent mosquito infestation on your property:

  • Get rid of unused junk and containers that can collect and store rainwater in your compound. This includes tins, cans, basins, buckets, old car tires, discarded bottles, or any other item that can hold rainwater.
  • Remove water puddles and stagnant water from your flower beds, garden, freeways, and yard.
  • Keep your gutters clean to ensure rainwater flows freely.
  • Fix any broken water pipes that leak water.
  • Always keep your garbage cans covered.
  • Empty all of your pets’ drinking bowls left outside your house.
  • If you have a swimming pool, cover it when not in use to prevent mosquitoes from breeding on your property.
  • Clear out the tall grasses and bushes in your compound which may harbor mosquitoes.

Note: Home remedies on how to prevent mosquito infestation will provide you with a short time solution. It is, however, recommended to hire a professional mosquito exterminator to get rid of these insects from your home if you want to see a long-lasting solution.

The best approach is to remove mosquitos with exterminators! 

Get rid of mosquito infestation from your residential or workspaces in Montreal by hiring the best Montreal Mosquito Exterminators. Get in touch with us by calling this number or sending us an email, and we will respond to you immediately.

Complete the online quotation form on our page to learn more about our mosquito extermination services. Reach us today, and let us get you sorted right on. Keep your home free of mosquitos and request a free quote for peace of mind for complete protection against these blood suckers. An effective mosquito approach is our guarantee!