Rat Extermination


Rat Extermination

Rat Extermination


Rat infestations are quite common in Montreal. Every other property is experiencing it and there is no doubt that rats mean trouble for people. After all, they cause more than property damage and health hazards.

Even though you may use snap traps or even poison, they become ineffective in the face of a large infestation. As soon as you notice and identify rat infestation, it is wise to request rat extermination from professionals.

Rat Control – Rats in your home, eliminate and prevent!

At Local Extermination, we diagnose nests, address all infested areas, and seal all entry points. You can get permanent relief from the best Montreal rat extermination and rodent control company for the Montreal area – Local Extermination.

What Are Rats and How to Identify Them?

Rats are medium-sized and thin-tailed rodents. They originated in Australia and Asia. However, they are now found almost all over the world, including Montreal, Quebec. When it comes to a true rat, the most distinguishing feature is undoubtedly the tail. 

The tail is nearly hairless, tapering, and cylindrical. Moreover, the hairs are bristle-like and short. They tend to grow out of hairline ridges along the tail. We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with rats in your home or business. We know that you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible and prevent them from returning. That’s why we offer our rat services at the best price for the entire Montreal area.

5 Signs of Residential or Commercial Rat Infestation

You may never really see a rat unless there is a severe infestation. Therefore, it is better to look for these five signs of rat infestation:

  1. Stale smells coming from closed and hidden areas on your property.
  2. Holes chewed through floors and walls. These holes often create different entry points into your property.
  3. Chewing on food packages and wires.
  4. Nesting material such as dried plant matter, fabric, or even shredded paper.
  5. Lastly, rat droppings under the sink, in cupboards or drawers, and around food packages.

4 Types of Damage Rats Can Cause to Your Home, Health or Pets?

The frontmost teeth of rats never stop growing. Furthermore, they are consistently gnawing on soft objects to keep them useful and sharp. Thus, they chew through insulation, storage material, and even electrical wires. They often damage furniture and leave behind urine and droppings. It results in a major health hazard for people if they do not consider rodent control.

1. Fire Hazard

It may be surprising to realise that rats can cause house fires. Since rats tend to chew and gnaw on electrical wires, they cause serious damage to them. Damaged wiring overheats and even sparks, which results in electrical fires. Therefore, rat infestation must be recognized as a serious threat to your safety, and rat extermination should be considered.

2. Health Hazard

Rats are undoubtedly infamous for carrying different diseases. For instance, their blood, saliva, urine, and faeces can transmit a number of diseases. Some of the common diseases include Tularemia and Hantavirus.

In addition, rats can also carry pests such as lice and ticks into your property. They can indirectly also spread diseases that may affect your pets. Therefore, it can easily be said that rats pose a significant health hazard to you and your pets.

Rats are unsanitary pests and can transmit diseases if you come in contact with their fur or waste. Wherever they live, they tend to leave behind fur, urine, and even feces. A common way people get sick is by consuming food that is contaminated by rats.

3. Food Contamination

Rats are capable of finding their way into stored foods. They can tear packages and rip them to eat your food. With their sense of smell, they can find the packaged food and contaminate it. They leave their urine and droppings in the food, effectively contaminating it. It means you cannot consume it afterward or else you will be putting yourself at a risk.

4. Structural Damage

The pastimes of rats such as nest building, gnawing, and eating hurt your property. Rats work their way through crannies, nooks, and walls to acquire food. They often dislodge insulation and damage weather-proofing products. In fact, rats even gnaw on paper, fabric, and plastic, and will damage both paper products and furniture.

In order to make their nests, rats drag packing materials and insulation into crannies and corners. They often pull it off boxes and furniture. While they are building their nests, they are also multiplying rapidly. Over time, damage caused by rats’ only increases and so does the need for rat extermination.

Call A Professional Pest Company Like Local Extermination

The best way to avoid structural damage and health hazards is to call Local Extermination, a professional pest company for the entire Montreal area. We can perform thorough rat extermination and keep them away from your property for good. You can get a reliable extermination service from us in Montreal. For instance, we utilise different methods for eliminating rats from your property.

We identify rats, eliminate them, and prevent them from reaching and infesting your property in the future. You will be pleased to know that we close and seal all the entry points as they help in keeping rats out of your property. Using the right tools and techniques, we quickly dispose of the rats in your house. No matter where they are hidden, we make sure to identify their nests and exterminate them.

How Much Costs A Rat Extermination Service in Montreal?

As Montreal rat exterminators, we are committed to offer affordable rodents control services to everyone. The cost of a rat extermination service in Montreal is based on the size of your property, the number of rats you need removed, and whether or not the rats have infested any part of your home. The cost will also vary depending on whether you have a commercial or residential property.

The average price for rat extermination services in Montreal ranges from $200-$450 per visit. If you have a large property that needs to be inspected before treatment begins, expect to pay more than if no inspection is required.

How to Prevent Rats Infestations?

Well, you have two options. You can either set traps yourself and try to catch rats, which may not work for you or you can take professional rat extermination help.
It will allow you to exterminate even large colonies and nests or rats on your property. At the same time, a reliable rat exterminator will help you seal all the entry points. It helps in preventing an infestation in the future.

Professional rat  exterminator services : 

In a nutshell, rats can cause some serious structural damage and lead to health hazards. Therefore, if you notice rat infestation on your property, it is essential to deal with it. A wise approach is to take rat extermination service from Local Extermination. We will help you get rid of rats quickly.

Are you dealing with a Norway rat or rodent infestation? Our comprehensive pest control program includes the placement of bait stations strategically to eradicate rats and mice effectively. Our trained technicians specialize in customized pest management, targeting both interior and exterior areas where rodents may scurry and build nests.

From roof rats to common Norway rats, our tamper-proof bait boxes are designed to mitigate rodent activity, especially in urban areas where food sources are plentiful. Contact us today to make your property less attractive to rodents and create a safer, healthier environment for you and your family.