Silverfish Extermination


Silverfish Extermination

Silverfish Extermination

Are you looking to get rid of Silverfish from your property? If you have come across tiny silver insects in your house, then chances are these bugs are Silverfish.

Silverfish can wreak havoc on property, especially if they are allowed to grow in large numbers. These insects are known to have destructive feeding habits. They can cause great damage to books, plaster, wallpaper, or items that contain starch.

The best way to get rid of a silverfish infestation is by letting the professionals do a silverfish extermination process.

Silverfish Extermination and Pest Control Service for Montreal Area

Is your home infested, and you are looking for the best Montreal Silverfish Exterminators? Well, good for you, Local Extermination is here to help you with silverfish control.

We are a certified pest control company based in Montreal that offers silverfish extermination services. 

If your home is infested by Silverfish in the Montreal region, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will give you the perfect solution to your infestation problem.

What Are Silverfish and How to Identify Them?

Silverfish are tiny insects that are shaped like fish and have a silvery appearance. They basically attack items that are composed of starch, such as fabric products. Silverfish are destructive in nature, and an infestation can cause some serious damage to your home.

How to identify them?

To know what Silverfish look like, check out these features that can help you identify them:

  • They have a silvery or grey appearance.
  • Silverfish bodies have a tail-like shape.
  • They do not have wings but are modified with 2 long and slender antennae.
  • Silverfish measure about 10mm to 13mm in length.
  • They prefer humid and warm areas like kitchens.
  • These insects feed on sugars and carbohydrates.

4 Signs of Residential or Commercial Silverfish Infestation

How will you know whether you need a silverfish extermination exercise?  

Let’s take a look at some common 4 signs of a residential or commercial silverfish infestation.

1. If you see Silverfish roaming around

The first clear indication of a silverfish infestation is when you encounter live Silverfish in your home or workplace. Spotting them might be hard since silverfish are nocturnal.
However, if you see a silvery insect with a tail-shaped body with no wings, then the culprit is probably Silverfish.

2. Presence of silverfish droppings

Silverfish will leave behind small droppings when they eat. These droppings are small and look like black peppercorns usually found in the areas where Silverfish live. If you come across small and black droppings on your furniture, old books, drawers, or near food containers, chances are there is a silverfish infestation in your home.

3. Damage to items

Silverfish are likely to attack anything that contains starch in them. This includes linen, fabrics, sugars, books, or carbohydrates. If you notice holes that appear to be chewed through around your house or workspace, then you may be facing a silverfish infestation.

4. Rustling noises on your walls

Silverfish will shed their skins during different growth stages. The outer silverfish shells are small, transparent, and very delicate. If you encounter skin molts that look like this in your living space or work area, then this is a good sign of a silverfish infestation.

Note: If you suspect a silverfish infestation either in your residential or commercial spaces, it is best to contact a silverfish control company like Local Extermination.

What Damage Can Silverfish Cause to Your Home, Health or Pets?

Let’s find out:

To your health:

  • Silverfish do not sting, bite or transmit any diseases.
  • Some people may have an allergic reaction to silverfish skin molts and fecal droppings.

Silverfish pose no serious threat to human health. However, living with these bugs is not an ideal situation for anyone. Contact a silverfish exterminator once you have an infestation in your home. Just because they don’t cause you any harm does not mean you have to live with these pests.

To your pets:

  • Silverfish do not contain any poison in them and will not cause any harm to dogs or cats. However, if you own pets, you should prevent your dogs and cats from eating these bugs.

To your home:

  • Silverfish will damage any item that has starch in them. This includes books, linens, fabric, silk, cotton, furniture, and photographs.
  • They can destroy stored food.
  • Silverfish can damage your clothes.

How Much does it Cost a Silverfish Extermination Service in Montreal?

The question on the pricing of silverfish extermination services in Montreal is dependent on some factors such as:

  • Inspection fees.
  • Warranty fees.
  • The nature of silverfish infestation.
  • The total area of infestation.
  • Type of treatment required for the silverfish extermination process.
  • The number of treatments needed.

Even so, use the form provided below to know the precise cost depending on your specific location in Montreal. In addition, while you are at it, you will receive a free online quote before you send us any form.

Call A Licensed Silverfish Pest Company Like Local Extermination

Notifying a licensed silverfish control company like Local Extermination is the best way to deal with a silverfish infestation.

Silverfish extermination will require the expertise of professionals like us.

Here are reasons why Local Extermination is the best Montreal Silverfish Exterminators company to go for:

How to Prevent Silverfish Infestations?

Check out these simple ways to prevent a silverfish infestation in your home or workplace:

  • Use wet old newspapers to lure them.
  • Set sticky traps around dark and humid areas to trap Silverfish.
  • Apply cedar oil on furniture surfaces and walls to repel these bugs.
  • Keep your food in sealed containers.
  • Store your clothes in dry areas.
  • Always ventilate your rooms.
  • Clean up food remains around your house.

These simple steps will keep off Silverfish just for a short time before they infest your home again. For this reason, it is highly recommended that when your home is infested, call a professional silverfish exterminator. By involving experts, your home will be safe and free from a silverfish infestation for a long period of time.

To sum it up

Put an end to silverfish infestation in your home or workplace by hiring us

Local Extermination will get to the root cause of a silverfish infestation and provide you with an effective and long-lasting solution. 

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