Wasp Extermination


Wasp Extermination

Wasp Extermination

Are you facing a wasp infestation problem around your home or workplace? Have you tried to get rid of them but scared you might get stung badly? 

Well, the good news is that you can hire wasp control experts to make your little problem go away. The wasp extermination process is a very delicate process that needs to be handled with care, or else great repulsion will follow. 

Most homeowners are afraid to get rid of wasps on their own and instead opt for a professional Wasp and Nest removal company to do it for them. I gotta say, that’s a smart move because no one wants to get stung by these dangerous insects who are ready to attack when they feel threatened.

Wasp Extermination Service for Montreal Area

Lucky for you. If you are from the Montreal area, our company, Local Extermination, is here to save you from a wasp infestation.

We are a professional company in pest control services, and we are always ready to put our lives on the line for you to ensure wasp control is in order.

There is a reason why we stand out as the best Montreal Wasp Exterminators. So don’t hesitate there for a second to contact us when you have a wasp infestation on your property in Montreal.

  • What is hornet and Wasp and How to Identify Them?

    Wasps are small-bodied flying insects that can be recognized by their black bodies covered with yellow stripes. They are usually mistaken for bees since they have some close similarities.

    How to identify them?

    You can identify wasps easily using the following features:

    • They have a slender body with a small waist.
    • They have a pair of wings and six legs.
    • Most wasps range from 12mm to 40mm in length.
    • They can be identified with a yellow, white, reddish, or black color on their bodies.
    • They build nets on different places like roofs, ceilings, or trees.

    Wasp or Hornet? Is it a Bee? 

    Wasps and hornets are both types of flying insects, but they have some distinct differences. Wasps tend to have slender bodies with narrow waists and can be aggressive when provoked. Hornets are a specific type of wasp that are typically larger and more robust, often with a black and white or black and yellow striped pattern. Bees, on the other hand, are generally rounder and fuzzier in appearance, and they primarily feed on nectar and pollen rather than hunting other insects like wasps and hornets do. If you’ve noticed a bald-faced hornet nest on your property, it’s essential to address the issue promptly.

4 Signs of Residential or Commercial Wasp Infestation

Here are some wasp infestations signs that will force you to get a wasp extermination procedure on your house or workspaces:

1. Hearing buzzing noises

Wasps’ common feature is the buzzing noise they produce when they build nests. You might not see their nest in your home but if you hear a constant loud buzz, then check for a wasp infestation around your house.

2. Seeing wasps nest

You may encounter a small grey, brown, or white structure that resembles a nest in your home. The wasps build nests for shelter and hiding spots. The nest usually appears to be hanging from a surface such as a roof or ceiling. If you spot a nest in your living or workspace, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Contact a wasp control company to do it for you.

3. Seeing a wasp flying around

The best indication of a wasp infestation is if you see a swarm of wasps moving in your home. Carefully monitor their movements and try to locate where they have built a nest to avoid running into them. Once you have located their hiding spot, reach out to a wasp and nest removal company like us, and we will get you sorted out in a minute.

4. Noticing damage in wood structures

Some species of wasps, like the paper wasp and the hornet wasp, can chew wood and use it to build their nest. These insects will sometimes use wood items around your house to build nests. You may encounter small holes in your furniture, fence, or firewood. This may be a sign of a wasp infestation in your home.

What Damage Can Wasps Cause to Your Home, Health or Pets?

Let’s see some of the damages caused by wasps.

To your health;

  • Wasps have stingers containing some venom that can pose some serious harm to people with allergic reactions.


  • A wasp sting can cause swelling, fever, redness, and anaphylaxis, which can cause death.

To your pets;

  • A wasp sting can cause painful swelling on your pets.


  • Swelling from a wasp sting can block the airways of pets, and some instances, lead to death.

To your home;

  • Wasps do not cause any serious damage to your property. However, when invaded by some species, wood structures in your home will be in great danger.

It is important to prevent the harmful damages caused by wasps. So, when you suspect an invasion, contact experts who will prepare for wasp extermination measures.

Call A Certified Wasp and Hornet Removal Technician! 

Calling a wasp and nest removal company is the best practice once you suspect a wasp infestation. A certified wasp control company like Local Extermination has the expertise and technicians equipped to safely get rid of wasps from your home.

The reasons why we are the best Montreal Wasp Exterminators to turn into;

  • We are a certified wasp control company in Montreal.
  • We offer both residential and commercial wasp extermination services.
  • We are based in the Montreal region, and we can get to you at any time.
  • Our company is reliable, and for this reason, we have 5-stars on Goggle reviews.
  • We give our clients a warranty on any services that we offer.
  • Our customers get free quotes right on the website before sending us any forms.

How Much does it Cost a Wasp and Nest Removal Service in Montreal?

Pricing of wasp and nest removal services in Montreal may differ due to the following reasons:

  • Inspection fees.
  • Warranty fees.
  • Nature of infestation.
  • Area of infestation.
  • Types of treatment needed for wasp extermination.
  • The number of treatments suitable for the exercise.

Get to know your custom price depending on your specific location in Montreal by using the form provided below. Each client gets a free online quote once they complete filling out the form.

How to Prevent Wasp Infestations?

Although you cannot 100% prevent a wasp infestation, especially in Montreal, there are other effective ways to get this kind of situation under control. 

Fill out our online quotation form on this page to get to know more about our wasp extermination services.

These stinging insects can be aggressive when their nest is disturbed, posing a risk to you and your family. Seeking the assistance of removal experts who specialize in hornet control is crucial for safely removing the nest and mitigating the threat.

Remember that hornets are just one species of wasp, and a significant wasp problem can escalate if left unchecked, as wasps live in colonies that can rapidly grow in size. Removing the nest not only eliminates the immediate danger but also prevents the larvae from developing further, helping to reduce the overall wasp population in the area