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Cloth Moth Extermination

Clothes Moths might not be that invasive, but they are pretty annoying and stubborn when they venture into your home. They are closely related to butterflies but not that fun having them around, more so if it’s larvae.

In fact, adult moths present little threat to your home as compared to their larvae which are quite destructive and unhealthy to have around your living space. Larvae commonly eat dry food like pasta and bread. Furthermore, they can eat through the fabric, particularly wool and cotton, and these are some of the reasons why they are a huge nuisance.

Clothes Moth extermination, therefore, is the best way to go, and as Local Extermination, we are here to help you with that. We are the best Montreal Moth Exterminators as we offer handmade solutions that will perfectly suit your moth infestation problem.

Before we share our moth removal service, let’s first learn a thing or two about these annoying pests.

What Are types of moths? Get rid of moths with our pest control!

Regardless of the type, Moth infestation is certainly a nightmare. You might wake up one day only to realize your favorite garments are covered in holes or a flutter of wings in your cereals. Not pleasing, right? 

Well, if you realize anything like these, then the possible culprits are either Clothes Moths and Indian Food Moths. 

So, what are each of these types of moths, and what dangers do they pose:

What do these moths look like?

Clothes moths are so tiny, and you will not notice their infestation with ease. In most cases, they are about a ½ inch or less. This type of moth feature two kinds, the case-making moths (Tinea pellionella) and webbing moths (Tineola bisselliella). Both kinds are tiny and cause damage to clothing or beddings.

Yes, they are tiny, but you might be lucky to see adults flying all around your bedroom when disturbed.  

What do they eat?

Ideally, this type of moth feeds on keratin as its main food source. This is a protein that is commonly found in hair and natural fibers, which explains why they like destroying your clothing or beddings. 

Overall, keratin, which is their main food source, is found in things like a pet and human hair, wool, leather, animal fur, and silk.  

Clothes Moth life cycle
  1. Adult
    The entire life cycle starts with a female adult laying eggs


  2. Eggs
    300 Eggs laid, which takes 8-10 days to hatch in the summer. However, during the colder months, the eggs will turn dormant for months before hatching


  3. Larva

    After the larvae hatch, they start consuming the proteins in the fibers.
    This will actually take about 1-3 months.

  4. Cocoon
    After feeding for almost three months, the larvae then prepare to pupate by attaching themselves to somewhere safe using silk or webbing to create a cocoon.


  5. Adult

    After 8-10 days, an adult clothes moth hatches from the cocoon, and the life cycle is set to repeat.

    They survive for about 30-45 days

These moths are also known as Indian meal moths, pantry moths, weevil moths, flour moths, or grain moths.

What do these moths look like?

If you want to notice a pantry moth, focus on these features: 

  • 5/8 of an inch wings
  • Dark grey or bronze lower part of the wings
  • The upper part is yellow-grey in color with a noticeable black band between the two upper and lower parts
What do they eat?

These moths are commonly found in the kitchen, especially in the pantry or cupboard. Therefore, they tend to target dried sugary food such as:

  • Pasta
  • Bread
  • Processed snacks 
  • Sugar  
  • Cereal 
  • Grains
  • Flour 
  • And many more…
Clothes Moth life cycle
  1. Adult
    The entire life cycle starts with a female adult laying eggs


  2. Eggs
    Lay up to 400 eggs, which hatch within a week depending on the temperature, just like clothes moths

  3. Larvae
    Immediately they hatch, they start feeding, and it takes them between 2-3 months before maturing
  4. Pupa
    Pupae commonly attach themselves to a corner of the pantry, for example.

    They stay there for about 15-20 days before metamorphosing into adult moths

  5. Adult
    After metamorphosing, the female pantry moths immediately start laying eggs

4 Signs of Residential or Commercial Moth Infestation

Besides damages to your carpets, clothes, and fabrics or spotting moths flying around your room, there are other signs that indicate moth infestation.

  1. Silk-like cocoons (pupae) – Clothes moths
  2. Small maggot-like larvae – moth caterpillars.
  3. Silken tubes
  4. Crawling moths -which is a common thing among adults

What Damage Can Moths Cause to Your Home, Health or Pets?

There is a vast problem that moths can cause, from home and items distraction to health hazards; moths are dangerous. So, let’s see the problem caused by moth on home, pets, and your health.

To your home

When it comes to your home, moths can cause different destructions such as:

  • Items destructions, i.e., chewing clothes, your clothes, and fabrics leaving holes.
  • Finances: Moth causes problems like destroying items (clothes), food (grains, dry food, etc.,) and health problems as well. All these problems, therefore, means you have a financial impact as most of your items will be rendered use or you will have to seek medicine to deal with a health issue they might cause  

Health hazards 

A species of moths are known to cause a skin condition called lepidopterist or caterpillar dermatitis. This is an allergic reaction that is caused when your skin comes in contact with butterfly caterpillars and moths. It causes your skin to itch or pain for several minutes

To pets

If you leave dry pet foods stored in your home, it might start attracting pantry moths which might end up eating and destroying your pet’s food.


Call A Certified Moth Control Company Like Local Extermination

Since you know the signs and possible hazards moth infestation will cause, it’s now time to seek the best moth extermination services. If you live in Montreal, then the Local Extermination pest control company is here to help.

We offer the best moth removal service along with other pest extermination services as well within this region. Our services are professional, personalized, and affordable. We offer effective treatment to help you deal with fabric moths. Pest free place is easy with our moth pest removal with our effective and affordable preventative treatment. 

How Much Costs A Moth Extermination Service in Montreal?

The actual price varies from one client to another, and this is due to different factors, such as the level of infestation faced, area to be covered, and potential solutions to be used to handle your problem.

You can get free quotes for our moth extermination services by simply visiting our site or calling us.

5 Ways To Prevent Moth Infestations?

1. Wash your fabrics regularly

Having clean fabrics is one way of keeping moths off your home. This is simply because it prevents moths from laying eggs or eggs and larvae from maturing.

2. Keep your clothes clean

It is essential to note that dirty clothes stained with sweat and urine provide suitable nutrients for larvae. This is why female moths like laying eggs on these clothes rather than on the clean ones.

3. Ensure your suitcase is clean

Untouched dirty bags, containers, and storage boxes can easily act as hiding places for these pests. So, keep them clean.

4. Clean your furniture regularly

Ensuring your cupboards, wardrobes, and drawers are clean, particularly crevices and cracks, limits moth infestation.

5. Be vigilant

Doing the above task isn't enough; you still need to constantly keep your rooms well ventilated and dry and keep an eye on holes in your garments.


And that’s all you need to know about moth infestation and extermination. The prevention tips listed above help you avoid moth infractions.

However, if you already have moth invasion, seeking expert moth extermination services is better than just buying moth repellents. This is because we, as clothes moth exterminators, analyze the entire problem and administer long-term solutions that will instantly get rid of all moths on your property. So, basically, we don’t offer short-term remedies (like pesticides); instead, we provide extermination services.