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Anyone living in Greenfield Park knows how pests can become such a nuisance for their homes. Even businesses around the area are affected by rats and bugs as they cause unwanted damage to your building.Most of all, the community gets affected by their overabundance as people become prone to the health issues they bring.

If all those problems sound concerning to you, then you might want to contact your nearest Greenfield Park Pest Control company. Most importantly, you’ll want to go and recruit the best exterminators that you can get. That’s where Local Extermination comes in as the prime choice for handling these sorts of infestations.

If you’re on the lookout for a Greenfield Park Extermination Company, then Local Extermination is the right call!

We know how difficult it is to deal with the situations caused by having such pests. Contact us, and we’ll talk with you on the best measures for your specific situation. From there, we can settle on the earliest appointment available so that you’ll be rid of your pest problem as soon as possible!

Why use our Greenfield Park Extermination services?

Local Extermination is a keystone extermination company that serves the area of Greenfield Park in Longueuil, Quebec. Through our services, we provide our community with pest control services that is different from the rest. No matter the pest, we strive to deliver the best available treatments for your specific pest situation.

Our priority with every job we take is ensuring that the pest problem isn’t just stopped. We’ll make sure that the area will stay pest-free for as long as possible. All of our Greenfield Park Exterminators are licensed and trained with the knowledge to rid your building of every pest found.

Local Extermination, a respected Greenfield Park Pest Control company, is capable of various pest control services and treatments. We’re also known to give our clients reasonable and honest pricing through our service quotes. Our trained team of extermination specialists is ready to use their expertise within our specified working hours.

Why should you choose us over another Greenfield Park Extermination company?

  • Simplicity and Discretion
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions
  • Keenly-priced Services
  • Fully-licensed team of Exterminators
  • Long-term Warranty
  • High ratings on our Google Review pages

What type of problems can Local Extermination resolve?

Pests are the source of a multitude of problems that can harm people, pets, and your personal property. Taking care of these pests is a different issue because it takes the right tools and the right solutions to be effective.

Choosing a respected Greenfield Park Extermination service can save you a lot of headaches when ridding your home of bugs and vermin. A good example is how trained exterminators use only the right number of pesticides to achieve the best effects. They can also pinpoint the areas where pests are able to enter your home.

We can not solve problems with skunk , raccoon, bird you may need another expert for such intervention. When it comes to elimination we respond fast for all of your calls with really wide business hours tailored for a quick estimate in the surround Region of Montreal. 

Is it safe to try to eliminate pest problems by yourself ( DYI) ?

Simply put, DIY pest control is NEVER a good idea. There are a lot of different reasons why it’s better to hire a professional Greenfield Park Extermination service.

Health and Safety. The DIY approach tends to forego a lot of the details and safety training needed to properly take care of pests. Using pesticides and insecticides is potentially dangerous if you’re not using the right amounts or applying it properly. A licensed exterminator has the equipment and the skills to ensure safety while on the job.

Time-saving. Since most people don’t have the right tools for extermination jobs, the time it takes to complete it will be even longer. If there are nooks and crannies that you can’t reach, that just makes it more likely to be a hidden spot for pests to hide in. A Greenfield Park Extermination Company will be able to do their jobs efficiently and quickly as they have all the tools necessary.

Efficiency. Pest Control Products are plentiful at local hardware stores and may seem like a good alternate solution to your pest problems. However, these may only have a limited effect as they aren’t made to an industry standard. The chemicals and solutions we have at Local Extermination are made to be efficient and are regulated by provincial authorities, ensuring your pest problem is dealt with.

Saves money. Hiring the right Greenfield Park Extermination service helps to alleviate the costs needed for pest removal. A DIY approach will have you buying your chemicals, tools, and solutions by yourself. Along with that, there’s a large chance that a DIY exterminator won’t be able to treat hard-to-reach spots of the house.

A professional exterminator can eliminate pests permanently and efficiently, saving you the trouble of having to do it all over again. They’ll also save you from any medical expenses you may have to pay due to diseases spread by different sorts of pests.

What is the price of an Extermination Service in Greenfield Park?

Local Extermination offers competitive pricing for our pest control services here within the Greenfield Park area. Our prices depend on each case as it may require different service types. It also depends on your house’s size and other factors like the type of pest inhabiting your home.

Luckily, there are online calculators available that can help you gauge the budget for an extermination job. The included price factors in post-treatment visits until the pest problem has been fully dealt with.

Here at Local Extermination, we do what we can to provide our clients with the best pest control services possible. With our goals focused on high-quality workmanship and reasonable pricing, our Greenfield Park Exterminators are all equipped to meet the demands of your pest problem.

Should you want to hire a Greenfield Park Extermination service, here are our services for homeowners and businesses:

Inspection. Our exterminators will perform an inspection for any signs of infestation. Some examples include burrows, hiding spots, nests, and droppings.

Removal. Any pests found on your property will be removed via techniques that are quick and efficient. Bait traps and Barriers are some of our chosen methods but we will use whatever means we have to achieve total pest extermination. Our team will also clear out food storage areas and other hard-to-reach corners.

Prevention. After your building’s pest control treatment is done, we’ll help ensure that further pest problems are controlled. By sealing wall cracks and cleaning the clutter around the building, our team ensures that pests won’t have much space to hide and fester in.

How safe are our extermination products and chemicals?

For reliable and safe extermination solutions, it’s crucial to prioritize products with a homologation number. At Local Extermination, we prioritize your safety by exclusively using chemicals that meet this standard. Unlike other brands, our products minimize harm to both humans and the environment, ensuring long-term well-being.

In addition to our chemical approach, we’re committed to developing pesticide-free pest control methods. Our Greenfield Park Pest Control teams offer tailored advice and treatments, empowering you to swiftly address pest issues without relying on harmful substances.

While spraying is often effective for common insect problems, it’s not always the optimal solution. That’s why our Greenfield Park Extermination service conducts thorough property inspections to recommend the most suitable strategies for each client. With us, you receive personalized solutions tailored to your property’s unique needs.

Safe pest management method –  Products And Chemicals

All our chemicals and products used during the extermination process are safe and don’t cause any harm to humans or pets. We follow all the guidelines on safety and health to see to it that we don’t violate any laws by any means.

On top of that, our chemical and extermination products have been reviewed and approved by the Quebec authorities. This includes the eco-friendly products that we use, which are harmless to plants, water bodies, and animals. Our products don’t pollute the air.

3, 8 to 12 months guarantee for our extermination services!

A guarantee is always important for us to ensure our clients feel confident about our services. Therefore, we offer a 3, 8, to 12 months guarantee for our extermination services.

Our seasonal warranty ONLY applies for indoor extermination exercises. As per our guarantee policy, we don’t offer an outdoor extermination warranty.

If a customer is not pleased with our indoor extermination services, Local Extermination will take care of any inconveniences to make sure the needs of a client are met as deserved.

We will send our Anjou exterminators to revisit the infestation site and determine the necessary approach to take.

It is noteworthy to point out that we rarely have cases of dissatisfaction from clients. Most of our clients have expressed their happiness and satisfaction with our extermination services.

Local Extermination: a customer-centered pest exterminator company

Here at Local Extermination, we do care about our clients and their expectations. Our services are provided bearing in mind the best interests of our customers.

Our extermination and pest control services are available to anyone facing infestation issues. We can get rid of pests anywhere in restaurants, offices, motels, and storage spaces.

Homeowners who wish to put up their homes for sale can also reach out to us, and we will eliminate any infestation problems.

For information about our pest control services, use the online form to fill in your details and let us know what your issue is.

You can also call our number. Use the click-to-call widget to call us, and you will be connected to our representative in a matter of seconds.

How Our Greenfield Park Extermination Service Works


A crucial part of each pest control service in Greenfield Park is an inspection of the property. That way, the pest exterminator will be able to determine the type and severity of the infestation. Based on that, he will choose the most suitable treatment to resolve the pest problem.


Depending on the type of the pest, it might include spraying or fogging of affected areas, heat or steam treatment, or sealing of small entry points. No matter the case, the Greenfield Park pest exterminator will choose the proper course of action and help you eliminate the intruders.

Follow Up

Some infestations require more than one visit, and with our guaranteed pest control service, additional visits can be organised upon your request. After a certain time, the specialist will return and re-examine the property. If there are still signs of infestation, he will proceed with further treatment.


Our Greenfield Park pest specialist will share helpful advice and give you some tips on preventing further infestation. Following his recommendations will guarantee that your property won't be reinfested again and assure the best results from the pest control service.