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Looking for a Hampstead Extermination Company? Local Extermination isn’t afraid of pests!

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If you are looking for Hampstead exterminators, chances are you have seen an unwanted roommate in your house or business location. Unfortunately, even if we do everything we can to prevent it, some day some pests will invade our space.

At Local Extermination, we are fully aware of that and we understand the frustration and worries a pest infestation can generate. We understand the fear of being infected by the various diseases spread by those pests. We offer you a wide range of extermination services for all pests encountered in the Greater Montréal Area.

Call now for a pest control emergency visit for an evaluation and a free estimate. This is the first step towards solving any pest problem.

Did you just saw pests in your home? 

When we go about our daily activities, at home or at work, and we see a pest, whether it is small like a cockroach or a much bigger one like a rat, we are a bit shaken, as we realize our environment is not as safe as we thought it was. But do not panic and call up the professionals of Local Extermination to help you.

Our pest removal experts have encountered all kinds of pests and know how to get rid of them. All the pests found in and around buildings can be categorized in three different types: crawling bugs, flying bugs or little mammals.

Crawling bugs

When we talk about crawling bugs, we mean anything small that moves around through their legs, like ants, bed bugs, clothes moths, cockroaches, Japanese beetles, spiders, termites or ticks. Ticks have become infamous recently because they spread the Lyme disease, which can make you sick for years.

Flying bugs

Then, there are the flying bugs, like flies, ladybugs, mosquitoes, wasps and yellow jackets. The worst enemy there would probably be mosquitoes. It is important to make sure they do not reproduce around your property, as they can spread many illnesses, including the West-Nile virus.

Little mammals

Finally, we have the mammals. In an urban setting, we talk mostly about mice and rats. They often enter the building after structural damage has been caused by smaller pests.

These pests can be located inside or outside your home or office building. It is important to get rid of them as soon as they are spotted, because leaving them in place will allow them to expand their territory within the structure of your house. 

Contact our experts today for a no-obligation quote request and a free inspection of your house or premises. Our technician will explore which type of pest infestation you are dealing with and offer proper pest management solutions. 

Contact our experts today for a no-obligation quote request and a free inspection of your house or premises.

Our Professional Exterminators in Hampstead Will Help You

At Local Extermination, we have many experts with years of experience dealing with all kinds of pests. We are a leading exterminator in Hampstead and our specialists have all the knowledge, tools and proper products to eliminate all pests from your environment. We will eradicate any pests quickly with your sustainably approved products safe for family or pets. 

We use industrial-strength products that are highly effective, but, at the same time, totally harmless for the environment and for all those living in the building (adults, children or pets). Our targeted products are much more efficient than what you can find in a hardware store, and it is applied precisely where needed by our specialists who know everything there is to know about the pests’ preferences for hiding. Depending on the species involves, and the importance of the infestation, our experts will use pest-specific products in various forms: powder, spray or traps.

Our certified services are discreet, safe and guaranteed! We offer a complete service, including follow-up visits, to make sure the problem is really gone. Now and then, a few specimens resist to the first treatment, and a second treatment is required. We got you covered! Our best pest control service helps with common insect and rodent problems for commercial and industrial infestations. Team of experts will use only environmentally friendly and ecological extermination methods. 

Do not hesitate to ask our experts to come in and solve any pest problem you have; they love their job!

Cheaper Than You Think, And Guaranteed!

Many people hesitate to contact professional exterminators, like those of Local Extermination, because they think that will be very expensive and they convince themselves the problem is not that bad.

But that is wrong. First, if you let the problem be untreated when you first spot it, it will quickly amplify and take more space. Then it is very difficult to eliminate the problem.

To shed some light on the cost of our services, we have built the cost calculator below. With it, you can get a ballpark estimate of the cost of the operation. Of course, the exact cost will be determined by our experts, who will do a free inspection and provide you with a free estimate of the precise cost.

Our services are really complete, and covered with a 6-, 8- or 12-month guarantee (depending on pest and location involved). After the initial treatment, during the guarantee period, one or multiple follow-up visits will be done, depending on the pest and its resistance.

Contact us for a free estimate, a free inspection, and all the details about our guarantee coverage.

Use our Hampstead exterminator service for home or business

As we have seen, Local Extermination is a specialized Hampstead pest control company offering you services to eliminate all pests from your living or work environment. We will eliminate the threat inside and outside the building, making sure the solution is efficient and durable.

Our services are certified and guaranteed! With us, you will not face the problem again during the guarantee period.Local Extermination provides professional pest control services for commercial and residential customers.

We offer a variety of services, including pest control and inspection, rodent control, insect control and more. We work 7 days a week and intervene quickly to solve your problem with any type of insect infestation. We tailor clients’ individual needs, call us today for a free quote!

Book your free consultation today. Our specialists will visit your home and provide you with a free quote.

How Our Hampstead Extermination Service Works


A crucial part of each pest control service in Hampstead is an inspection of the property. That way, the pest exterminator will be able to determine the type and severity of the infestation. Based on that, he will choose the most suitable treatment to resolve the pest problem.


Depending on the type of the pest, it might include spraying or fogging of affected areas, heat or steam treatment, or sealing of small entry points. No matter the case, the Hampstead pest exterminator will choose the proper course of action and help you eliminate the intruders.

Follow Up

Some infestations require more than one visit, and with our guaranteed pest control service, additional visits can be organised upon your request. After a certain time, the specialist will return and re-examine the property. If there are still signs of infestation, he will proceed with further treatment.


Our Hampstead pest specialist will share helpful advice and give you some tips on preventing further infestation. Following his recommendations will guarantee that your property won't be reinfested again and assure the best results from the pest control service.